• 27/09/2019 0 Comments
    The Most Common Electrical Problems in Your Home

    It is no secret that some electrical faults are more dangerous than others. However, many homeowners aren't aware of what faults actually are dangerous and require an expert to repair them, and what can be fixed with a simple switch of a flick.

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  • 30/08/2019 0 Comments
    Top Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

    As our homes become more and more dependent on electricity you may find that you are having to pay ever increasing electricity bills. It seems that every appliance in our homes runs on electricity now and it can be hard to find a way to cut our electricity usage. 

    But it’s not impossible. There are many simple things you can do every day that will reduce how much electricity you use, reduce your bills and ultimately help you save more money.

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  • 07/08/2019 0 Comments
    How to Prevent an Electrical Fire in Your Home

    Our homes use more electricity now than ever did before. As we become more dependent on technology and electrical devices, from phones and tablets to cooking appliances, or electrical systems are put under immense pressure every day. And many of us are guilty of ignoring the safety instructions that come with these electrical appliances we love. If the electrical structures on our homes become damaged, are overworked or not looked after then they can cause a fire.

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